If you are planning to produce your first book, then, probably, you have researched the processes involved in writing or typing a book. Nowadays, most people refer to typing as writing. Even writers type but they aren’t referred to as typists.

Before your book sees the door of a publicist, you have to plan, research and have it recorded down. At the planning stage, you have to decide how you are going to record the details that you would like to include in your book. It then, begs the question, do you use handwriting and convert your handwriting to text, later, or do you type away, from the start?

It doesn’t have to be literal, as you can type away on your computer. There exist differing opinions on whether one should draft the first copy using their handwriting or type them. We will then have to discuss the advantages of either method to help you make a choice.

Benefits of Handwriting vs. Typing

When you choose to have your first draft in handwriting, you will be able to see the corrections you make in your document. From words crossed to additions made later. You can have a visual record of the various creative stages that you go through as you work.

Writing by hand gives you a better understanding of what you are writing. It is according to a study carried out two American researchers, Daniel Oppenheimer and Paul Mueller. The study showed that students who take notes by writing them using pen and paper had a better understanding of the subject than those who type.

Recording your first draft on paper gives you greater graphic freedom. You can choose to write your notes within the margin or not. It has little to no restrictions on how you use the paper.

Depending on the individual, some people confess that writing by hand allows their creative minds to work easier than when they type. Their minds work better when using pen and paper.

If you write your first draft by hand and convert them into print format later, you will be able to edit the document on as you record the second draft. You have to type the text anyway, right?

Benefits of Typing vs. Handwriting

Typing allows the user to jot down their thoughts and ideas faster than using a script would. It gives one more time to think, and you can keep up with the thoughts in your brain.

Operating a keyboard is easy. You only have to press the right key for the letter to appear in your text. On the other hand, handwriting is a complex task that even children take several years to master.

If you hire a professional typing service to convert your handwritten text to a print form, your script will be clearer and easier to read than if it was written by hand.

Typing your work will be more fast, even as you edit your document, as you can do so anywhere in the document and, at any time, as long as you have access to a keyboard and your text file.

If your work is typed, you can use the numerous tools used for editing and proofreading documents. It will reduce the amount of time required to edit, or proofread a text and also makes your work easier.


Given the two options whether to use longhand to write your first draft or type it, the decision lies with you. It depends on what you are comfortable using. What helps you keep up with your thoughts, especially when you have several pages to write, you need to go with the pace of the flow of ideas in your brain.

If you settle for the longhand way and can’t seem to find ample time to type your draft, there is always the option of being able to hire a typist. Do what works for you, the quality of the result is what matters.

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