Decided to switch things up and do a Timelapse over a simple slide show for this study.

I developed a love hate relationship on this piece. The hair was a blast, mask brought back memories and was a task, straddling the fence as far as the composition as a whole. Finally the video process… Enough said.

I really enjoyed working on the hair. Going from a desaturates light brown, to spots of a deep, dark, yet vibrant amber. With a sun bleached fade of a golden yellow in areas. The color mixing for this was an experiment and lesson all of it’s own.

Trial & Error Breathe Deep

The respirator mask and I developed a love hate relationship. Reminiscing of some fun old times. Late nights walking about; everything in public was my homework assignment, requiring a my name for credit.

The details were tedious but was great to focus in on control and patience. Waiting for layers to dry, making sure the brush wasn’t too wet or dry. I had to remind myself while just laying down a spot here or there to just develop a more impressionistic development to compliment the higher detailed areas.

Experimental learning and development. We learn from our mistakes or so we hope. Struggling with the form and values of this was a much needed lesson.

The ellipses of the filters, and vent, the con-caves and con-curves of the bridge. Though basic shapes they aren’t always as simple as you’d think. Not to mention the value for the filter caps.

I could be wrong here but I couldn’t mix the color required for the filter caps. In the reference they are a vivid pink, with a purple shadow. I struggled quite a bit and though I know I have a separate brand of paint which is a very pink pink, I wanted to test myself. Unfortunately I simply went with a reddish cap to prevent mudding everything up.

The Overall Project Reflextion

It’s better to finish something, imperfect and learn to continue moving forward than stay stuck on perfection. Putting the brush down and saying done, is always a struggle. These studies have really helped me work on that. The goal of filling a page vs getting one perfect thing done. I’ve been able to say okay that’s enough let’s move on to the next one.

I feel it would have been nice to have more space for the subject (a reoccurring theme lately). Next study sheet I’ll probably space each study further apart and possibly go a bit larger. So don’t expect as many on the next study sheets to come.

Trial and Error.

Getting back to another creative joy I wanted to do something more than take a snapshot and create a slide show video for you all. 

Before it gets dropped in the comments, I know the angle isn’t the greatest, the lighting is horrible, and my voice at the end probably sounds rough and not so polished. Like I’ve said recently my setup right now is nothing it used to be. The process of recording, editing all done on a phone. Going back deleting apps, and media to have space. Trying to design  a thumbnail that’s nifty for it. I could go on and on about the flaws and improvements that could be made (this is the second time I’ve written the description, app went caput during the first attempt).

One of my biggest role models says it best, “Practice makes progress”. ~ @patflynn

Ya gotta start somewhere, from there ya look back and have a starting point and can see what to work on and develop first. So there’s only forward to go from here. It’s Funny I watch/listen to many inspiring entrepreneurs, motivational speakers etc who always recommend talking about your brand, making a blog etc.

Usually the thought of “what am I gonna go say, “this is my art piece, it’s 3”x4” watercolor. Thee end”. Here I am and managed to create the largest igtv description ever.

Getting back into blogging has been a thought on my mind for quite sometime now maybe this might be a start who knows.

Well that’s it for now if you managed to read this video’s encyclopedia of a description make sure to smash that follow button and drop me a comment saying “done” or better yet leave me some feedback.

Till the next one,

Benjamin J.