Live Stream Promotional Video Created By: Benjamin J. 

Through my endeavors as a live stream broadcaster I have learned a great many things.

I’m hopeful to share my experiences from just starting off, to the good times and bad times.

DISCLAIMER: I predominately use certain applications, software, and third parties for services, so I am not as familiar with all items recommended through out this series.


– Know You’re Brand

From the big stars such as TimTheTatMan to KayPikeFashion knowing the direction your headed with your channel is key. It determines the audience you’ll capture along with the community vibe that will soon develop.

– Know Your Platform

They all allow you to broadcast live so what are the in’s and outs of each.

Are there any differences? In this article we will cover what you should consider about them all.
From the simple ease of setup and starting, to the longevity of archiving and overall outlook on your content.


What do you really need to start? Look it up on YouTube and you’re gonna be overwhelmed (trust me). For a simple art stream it’s actually very very simple. However if you’re planning on doing video game streams it can easily become very complex.

– The Basics

From minimal setups to the extravagant.
It all revolves around you and what you are comfortable with as you grow and develop.

– Equipment

Lights Camera ACTION! Time to get into the nitty gritty of things. We’ll go over various items you will need, or that can add a wow factor to the overall production of your broadcast that set’s you apart from the rest of the crowd.

– Software

Oh me oh my get ready for overwhelming options. Starting from free, and ending in the realm of possibly developing your own multimedia studio due to your experience, and knowledge working with them all.


Yet again Get ready to dive down the rabbit hole. Because they all have pros cons, and so many details this one you may want to take notes on.

– Chat Bots

– On Stream Notifications

– Donations

– Extras