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Projected Launch 01.01.2020
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What’s with the Wait?

I am currently working hard to archive, along with catalog my work. To set up an online shop for you to start building your art collection. All of my original work is for sale. If you see something posted that you would like to own through my social media accounts message me.



Why not just use redbubble or another third party service?

You’re choosing to collect my work, which means my experience, my time, and overall my passion. This said I not only want to verify the quality, and possibly send out more than what you purchased.


There are a few various ways you can help out with the production of this job / task along with the overall support of future artwork and content creation:

For those who are interested in this large investment to start up the shop. I encourage you to consider becoming a Patreon Patron at

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a way to support creatives by contributing some funding toward supplies and overall production of artwork and content.

You Decide How Much to Contribute

From as little as one dollar a month or to thousands (I wouldn’t recommend that, your significant other may not be happy ). Regardless all contributions go toward the overall costs of materials (paper, paints, etc), services (internet, website hosting), applications (used for editing videos and posts) and so much more.

As a Patron you can also gain access to exclusive content such as my archived live stream broadcasts 

Disclosure: I am not classified as a non-profit organization or 501(c)(3) so I can not legally accept a donation. 

First and foremost let me restate that by donations I mean “contributions or tips for the work performed to create art, and content.

However if you would like to leave me a tip for the work I have done you’re more than welcome to do so at the following locations:

For Recognition on the live stream broadcasts: 

Want to spread the word while supporting the brand all around?

I do have a Red Bubble shop

Please note that I do not handle any of the processing of the shipping or oversee the items produced. Along with this Red Bubble does collect a vast majority of the funds collected through these items.

Prints Bs Posters

Material: My limited editions prints are printed on archival papers made to simulate the same materials the original was produced on allowing them to look identical to the original while lasting the tests of time. While Posters are produced on a high gloss poster paper.

Limited Edition Runs:

I intend to carry limited edition prints of various works. You may be asking, “why limited editions”. Well by doing so this allows my work to maintain the qualities of being art. And not a simple canvas picture purchased from a large corporate chain like Wal-Mart which has thousands if not millions of identical productions in many houses, homes, and offices. Allowing your collection to be unique.

However in the tradition of limited print runs I must also buy all the prints at once to ensure that the quality, color, sizing etc are as close to the original and one another as possible.