Make a Childhood Dream Come True

    When you were a kid, what was it that you dreamed to become? A police officer, an astronaut, maybe a vet or a doctor?

    For me it was an architect, until I realized it wasn’t just drawing a pretty building and involved a lot of math (lil did I know I’m actually really good at math). So the goal became to be an artist and as I ventured that journey my experience taught me many lessons both simple and life changing.

    You can be an Artist Just Say so and Create

    Through all of high school I looked and researched into the requirements of being a professional artist. Seeing that schooling helps but there isn’t any sort of certification or required titles to say I’m a professional.

    The Studio that Transformed my Life.

    In 2013 I was fortunate to find myself working two full time jobs, and paying a minuscule amount to live on a friends couch.

    Taking my money and starting an art studio which later became a community space for creatives and Gallery. Through this time I learned and realized my passion wasn’t just my art but connecting with others and helping facilitate the creative community.

    Support the Art and Future Projects to Cultivate the Creative Community.

    Details of Patreon.

    The widely used platform allows for friends, fans, and followers to support content creators; whether it be artists, musicians, writers, YouTube creators etc.

    You Choose and You Decide.

    Designate as little as one dollar a month, to support the overhead costs of art materials, services for website or shop upkeep etc.

    Exclusive Access and Benefits

    Gain access to behind the scenes, sneak peaks, and even exclusive Patreon Patron rewards.

    So if you enjoy the work I do, the content I create, the lessons I’ve taught, follow or even become a patreon patron today!