Its as simple as a cell phone.

When I first started you needed a computer a camera software etc. fortunately now many platforms have developed within their own apps a going live feature.

This feature may not include all the bells and whistles of the computer setup but it’s an initial start.

The Computer Setup

Now I am not extremely computer savvy. When I first began streaming I started looking into pc improvements etc.

While you dive down YouTube looking into streaming you’ll find all these big rig specs but I will say that broadcasting gaming is much more intensive toward the computer than it is for artwork.

For art though I can still use a Dell All in One I purchased back in 2013.

A Jack of all Trades is also a Master of None

Just because your phone, and laptop may have a camera and built in mic doesn’t mean that the quality will be the greatest but it is a start!

So go from there and begin to build.

Figure out a camera to share your art.

– You will need a camera to watch the art.

– Face cam (optional )

– third view ( not required but a nice asset )

Mic Check one two one two.

Now you maybe a little shy or hate the sound of your voice but let me ask you this, someone sees your art locally and is interested in interviewing you for a possible gallery spot or news show. Would you tell them no? That could prevent so many possibilities for you down the line.

Start off small.