Your Community is Waiting Start Your Art Stream Today!

In late 2014 I discovered the concept of live stream broadcasting. Developing as an artist among many other creatives, reaching more than 2,000 friends and followers, reaching more than 200,000 views along with building some funds for my materials.

The joys and benefits of broadcasting your process can be very useful for yourself along with the work produced.

  • Connect and Encourage the growth of your community.
  • Archive the work you produce in a new format.
  • Develop the confidence and speaking skills to speak about your work.
  • Promote and possibly sale your work.
  • Develop friendships and network with other like minded creatives.

Take a look into these popular articles I’ve written to help you begin your journey.

Getting Started

– Know your Brand

– Platforms to Broadcast on

– Equipment and Tools of the Trade

– Software and Programs

Before You Launch

– Networking and engagement

– The livestream process

– some streamer etiquette

Moving Forward with Development

– Archiving the work.

– Developing your format