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Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-01T23:35:53+00:00

People often ask me where I find my inspiration. I am often inspired by life, but I do find other artwork that I find on the internet or browsing social media. I watch a lot of movies and animated films which are sources of inspiration too. I also have many friends who are artists as well, and being in a creative environment is very motivating. The things which most often inspire me are people, and places, which usually give me ideas for a drawing and motivate the drawing process.

How/where did I learn to draw2019-10-30T15:51:12+00:00

The short answer is that I am a self-taught artist. I’ve been drawing my entire life. It was always something I enjoyed doing and invested a lot of time into, which helped me to develop my skills gradually. I took a few art classes in grade school which taught me a lot about drawing from reference, but after that my art education was limited to school electives and lots of practice in my free time. I started painting from life shortly after graduating, teaching myself almost everything I know about watercolor.

Artist & Illustrator

I aim to capture, and illustrate the modern world in a traditional and historic way that not only archives moments in time, but does so with a style that is not only compassionate but hard work driven.