Well it may not look like much but finally it’s here. Until the domain hosting bill comes in that is.

Many As an artist it is imperative to have a website in these fast paced modern times. At least that’s what I’ve been saying since I was in middle school when I first began developing home pages on AOL.

Regardless I’ve always been working on a website, or blog of some shape of form since an early age. Not sure my voice is relevant but hey, 2oo,ooo views on twitch must mean I have something worth saying.

Starting with the Basics

What does an artist’s website require? Well I figure it’s going to be dominantly the same as a resume / portfolio. A bio, maybe a photo of yourself so others know who you are when you meet face to face, some previous works along with an artist statement.

When I ran my gallery a few years back I can not express how few of these items artist’s couldn’t even provide. I myself am barely getting much of this set up. So that’s where I’m starting.

My Own Voice

Now in no means am I saying this is a staple or perfect example for an artist website. I am just saying that I’m starting off from the ground up. This blog is going to be written in my words, and not formatted to be some sort of million dollar makeover.

I’m not exactly sure how the tone will be displayed, or what exactly you’ll get to read in this blog. Obviously it will pertain toward my artwork, my path as an artist, my experiences etc.