Remember Me

The kid in class who was always drawing. Other’s said “draw me something“, or “one of these days you’re gonna be a rich and famous artist“. That’s me; still not rich or famous, but still my art while encouraging others to find their own passion.

My Work

My work has crossed many fields from comics, website design, tattoos, graffiti and more.

I aim to capture and archive life as it’s lived. Meeting with many of the subjects I candidly draw I’ve discovered that through the pages that not only record my ventures, but also tell the stories of many others.

The aim to inspire and help others connect to their own creative niche. Maybe it be visual art, or possibly written word, singing, or even building cabinets. Everyone has a creative spark, and in doing so we not only give back to the world for all that we take in, but also develop ourselves in the process.

Some History

Urban Sketching

As an avid art fan I’ve always followed artist blogs, and their work. I stumbled upon Urban Sketchers attending the annual Urban Sketchers symposium in the Dominican Republic I was fortunate to meet many of the artists, illustrators, and architects, who I have admired and used as role models.

Not only the first major convention I’ve ever attended but also being my first time on a plane, to seeing the ocean, to traveling abroad, the experience was eye opening to say the least.

Interested in Urban Sketching, Check out my post on How To Draw From Life Today

Alamosa Art Gallery & Studio

Main Street Studio Alamosa

In 2013 I was fortunate enough to work two full time jobs, and pay a small amount to sleep on a friend’s couch.

I invested in a private studio space. Soon after I realized how much extra space the studio had and began holding art shows for other local and visiting artists along with studio nights for the community.

I can not express how many lessons I learned in the process of planning organizing, curating and working with artists along with the community. The biggest of which being what drove me wasn’t so much my own art, but housing and helping fulfill the need for others in the creative environment.

Art Recording Setup

Late 2014 I discovered the popular live stream broadcasting platform and my world exploded.

Back than and to today Twitch is heavily focused toward video gamers. When I first stumbled on it there wasn’t even a Creative section. So I began going into gaming sections such as Zelda and drawing Link.

Over time they added a creative section and since I have managed to build a community of more than 2,000 followers, and reaching more than two hundred thousand views. Even managing to be a featured artist for many weeks on their cover.

Through the friendships made, and support of the community I developed a passion for video editing, and graphics etc.
Helping other video content creators, streamers, and artists alike develop their brands, and creating various graphic assets for their own live streams, and video channels.