Video Edit: Drinks After Work

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As always using my phone, spare time, and Instagram for b-role and shorts. Please keep in mind that this is intended to be displayed on a 9:16 ratio rather than a 16:9 (mobile / vertical view, rather than desktop/monitor). Regardless wanted to remember this lil’ edit.

For those who aren’t already using Instagram as a social media, well my two cents, ya should. It’s a magnificent resource for anyone who wants to share precious moments, archive magnificent memories, and present their work, all while being very personal.

NOTE: I’ll review it in another post on pros and cons.

Regardless I have been using the story feature with a few other mobile apps to work on small shorts and quick video edits. Minded when I say quick, there is time involved with recording random footage, and editing. Regardless I’d say on average I spend roughly 20 minutes is the average based on what I have in mind and what I’ve filmed for other stories, b-role etc.

Thanks to a wonderful PM (personal message) I realized I had actually made a beer commercial in the form of a small quick 15-second clip. I already know what I would have added, and changed with the footage I captured from my prior stories to make a 20-second clip to fully portray a story.

The main concept, sometimes after a hard day’s work, you simply enjoy being home.

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